5 valuable tips how to make your temporary rentaed flat to feel like home

January 21, 2019

I bet you are one of those folks who is meant to be stuck at the temporary rental apartment for the next couple months or so, and you are desperate to find some ways to make that stay bearable. You are reading the right piece of internet blog then. I am here to share my ideas about how to turn your temporary accommodation into “a wanted to be place”. 

Internet has hundreds of pages with some designing and painting tips for the rental flats, something as one here. However, most of those advices will work only if you’re going to rent over a year. My usual problem is that I need to stay in someone’s accommodation just for 2-3 months. I assume you are in the same situation. You are, probably, considering now if it is worth wasting your time and money for making that place better. If your answer is definite and sure “yes, of course” – then read my tricks of how to deal with the above problem.

I divided “the home feel” concept into 5 key areas: ambiance, the touchy-feely interior details, the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room. Choose those areas that are relevant to you and practice my tips during your next long business trip.

Attention now! My 5 valuable tips how to make your temporary rented flat to feel like home


Let’s start from the annoying bits you find in the rented flat – hide everything you can away. Then move the furniture around so your inner Feng Shui is happy with the environment. This exercise will take you maximum 20 minutes and will cost nothing. However, it will change your level of happiness with the place significantly. Next one, is to put all your cloths and personal items nicely in the right places. 

Finally, if you are still enthusiastic about the change – pay attention to the light, music and smells. You can easily change the bulbs, turn on some favourite music and spray some relaxing eternal oil. 

2. The touchy-feely interior details

This part is the easiest but the most important for creating illusion of your home in the stranger’s place. Just add a few little details that warm your heart. Bring with you the picture frame with your beloved people or pets, or maybe the photo with beloved yourself. Don’t forget your favourite cup or plate, magnet for refrigerator or book – all of them will make a difference after the long working day. 

3. The kitchen (more precisely – the refrigerator)

I personally check my fridge as soon as I enter the flat after working day. So, it is importance number one for me. Therefore, after the physical exercise with pushing the furniture around, I do advise you to run to the nearest convenience store and to make sure that your fridge is fool of a happy source of calories. 

4. The bedroom

I personally do buy a new white bedding every time I stay a bit longer somewhere. I just can’t stand different sheets, and my 6-7 hours of quality night sleep are very important to ensure that my temporary homelessness feels less stressful. I leave that bedding with the local charity shops so it serves a few purposes. I also do not forget my bathrobe and slippers. They do have their honoured place in my suitcase whenever I leave my true home. Would these ideas help you as well? 

5. The living room

Finally, a living room. You probably can’t imagine the cosy one without a throw and couple cushions on a sofa. I would add a bottle with brandy, a cigar and a newspaper on the tv table to ensure that you have a full kit of “home feel” around you. By the way, all of the discussed can be easily purchased in IKEA or some other superstores, and their prices will not bite your pocket too much.

What do you think about the above suggestions? It all looks like a good tactical solution to me. However, if you did not find anything to connect with in my experience – I suggest you do a very simple “self-test”.

Grab a piece of paper and answer two questions in detail: 

1. What do you hate most in the rental apartments?

2. What do you miss most while being away? 

I am sure that you have a pretty good toolkit for how to make your time in the temporary accommodation more pleasant now.

So much for today. See me soon!

Yours, Lifelong Tenant

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