What Does A Serviced Apartment Mean?

May 16, 2019

Usually, for a short or medium-term stay, renting a hotel room can relieve you of the stress involved in maintaining cleanliness in the home or purchasing furniture. In a hotel room, everything surrounding you makes you feel far from home: everything is temporary and sometimes you are lacking the proper space to take your things out of the suitcase.

If, however, when you decided to establish yourself short-term or longer in a certain place abroad and feel the need for a place to call ‘home,’ the flats offering serviced apartment standards are the best antidote to missing your home.

You home away from home

Shortly, a serviced apartment is a fully furnished, short-and medium-term rental apartment with all the utilities necessary for daily use. This includes cleaning services and other amenities – such as Internet, electricity and water costs. All those costs are included in the rental price.

At first glance, it does not seem to be a big the difference between such an apartment and a hotel. We’ll tell you right away where the difference is.

Most importantly, such an apartment, compared to a hotel room, offers a much larger space, often more than one single room. Especially if you intend to rent it for living together with someone else, this arrangement provides enough space to move around and eventually create an area that belongs to you only.

In addition, you have a bigger private sphere, because you do not have to leave the key to any reception or cross every time you leave the house groups of tourists and visitors, the usual audience of a hotel reception that you can’t avoid at any price.

You can freely organize your working time, business meetings and travel, with the feeling that at the end of the day you return to a place of your own, although you only live there for the short term only. The advantage is that after paying your rent for a month, you do not have to worry about anything else: maintenance costs are covered, the apartment is cleaned regularly and you have everything you need to feel at home. You can cook, invite friends and relax, wash your laundry in the washing machine and work on your projects in the living room. You are offered the complete comfort for a pleasant stay.

Advantages of a serviced apartment

In a few words, the most important advantages of a serviced apartment are:

  • It is very similar to a regular home, offering the full living amenities and freedom of movement
  • Normally, it has a much larger living area, calculated in square meters, than a hotel room. In some cases, you can have enough space to install your sports or yoga mat too.
  • A serviced apartment is much cheaper than a hotel room, especially if you plan to stay for a longer period of time, for example, over a month. Costs are calculated not only by the rental price and the services offered, but also because in such an apartment you can cook your food yourself, thus saving the costs of dining out, which in many European capitals might be quite high.
  • A serviced apartment offers the chance to get to know the local culture and interact with the surroundings. Thus, you have a direct life experience in the city you are living and you can even make new friends among locals. You can have a normal social life, organize parties and invite friends and acquaintances at home.

What Perfect Flat offers

The apartments offered by Perfect Flat are perfectly fit into this category:

  • They are located in the central area of Antwerp or in areas well connected to the local transport network
  • Location in residential buildings
  • They are close to shops, shopping centers and gyms
  • The price includes utilities, such as electricity and water
  • Free Internet
  • Fully furnished kitchens that usually include a cooker, microwave, kitchenware, fridge, etc.
  • Other utilities, such as vacuum cleaner, towel rack, cleaning material, washing machine, are also part of the initial package
  • Dining room with TV
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Upon request, cleaning services can also be provided at the requested frequency – from once a day to every few weeks
  • Customer service available 24/7. If you have a problem or need something fast, we are ready to meet your demands and solve your problem.

In other words, Perfect Flat is the perfect choice of your home away from home during your stay in Antwerp. We are ready to offer our customers the highest standards at affordable prices that will help you feel at home, but also take advantage of staying in one of Europe’s most chic and exciting cities


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